You’ve gotta love dementia patients.

The elderly lady is semi-recumbent in her bed.

She is totally animated and enthralled with my partner who’s taking her vital signs; almost oblivious to anything else in the room.

As I watch in amusement, I attempt to (subtly) gain a bit more of an idea of our standing from the patient’s daughter:

*whispering*- “So I hate to ask the obvious, but would I be correct in presuming that your mother has dementia?”

Daughter retorts loudly: “Oh yes! The old bat’s as silly as a pub full of sausages! (whatever the hell that means)”

At this, the old dear immediately perks up, swivels her whole body around and stares at us deadpan.

“Who’s got dementia?!”

“You have dear” replies my partner nonchalantly.

At this, the little old duck pauses. The whole world seems to sit before her and in the second, I daresay she comprehended every bit of her life which had unfolded thus far.

And with said rumination and ponderance completed, she uttered this single, and very significant syllable……






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