Dear ‘Tin, I’m not so okay…

A brilliant article explaining the effects of a panic attack an how to stop one

Walking In My Shoes

It’s called running for your life, you do it without giving it much thought, it is a completely automatic response and your mind will usually be screaming directions if not in some reasonable order, then a zillion different things all at once. It’s called panic. It is a PTSD response behaviour often triggered by a trauma reminder or some unexpected external stimuli that acts as a direct reminder to your brain that you were once caught off guard and you never will be again.

It is a self preservation response. It is instinct. It is survival mode at its peak. It is not your fault and it is something you have little initial control over, so please take it easy on yourself if it happens to you. Along with sudden action will come the other physiological symptoms common with panic; crying, screaming, hyperventilating, inability to speak or vocalize in some…

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