The basics of self care

It’s been awhile since I posted properly sorry! It’s been super busy and I promise I’ve got lots of good stories to write about. But for now here’s a brief summary of self care (I’ll fix it up later, and no I don’t know who said these quotes).

  1. Home comes to work. Work comes to home. Any one who denies it is either as emotionally intelligent as a brick or lying. Learn how to segregate the two in a way that is healthy. Vent out your wins and losses with a variety of people, because telling every horrible detail or taking a bad day out on your spouse isn’t fair. Find a few trusted people to share with in both camps.

    -“No amount of success outside the home can make up for failure within it”.

  2. Eat well. Move around. You work in healthcare. I don’t need to tell you about the positive effects of exercise and how eating lots of sugar will produce freakin horrible (and some pretty much toxic)by-products. You’re careful with your house and money, you study and invest in your job, you’ve seen what happens when people don’t invest in their bodies.  Eat crap, feel crap. Eat good, feel good.

    – “Everyone has time for some salad, a 5 minute walk and 20 pushups”.

  3. Life exists outside work and healthcare world. Yes it’s easier to make friends who work in healthcare. They do shift work like you, they know the same people you do, they can talk about the same topics. But when things aren’t going so great, or when you’re trying to switch off from work it’s a whole lot easier to find support and stimulating (and no blood/ guts content) conversations with people who aren’t the same as you. Spend some time intentionally making and maintaining friendships with people in other industries.

    – “He who wants to go fast goes alone. He who wants to go far takes companions”.

  4. Take time off. Yes leave can be inconvenient and overtime is tempting. No it won’t make up for missing time with your family. What’s that? You go to work to escape your family? Ah. Perhaps there’s a bigger problem here. Life and your career in health are marathons, not a sprint. If you don’t choose to take little amounts of time off now to recharge and invest in other aspects and relationships in your life, then one day you’ll break and be forced to spend a lot of time off with whoever it is that still talks to you after you’ve neglected them for so long. And guess what? Someone else will step up to do your job while you’re gone. I promise.

    “Don’t trade what is unique to you, for something someone else can do” –Andy Stanley

  5. Be good to yourself. Find a hobby. Read something you like. Buy a decent coffee and sit down without your phone to enjoy it. Spend some money on yourself. Know the difference between urgent and important, then go take a walk in the sun. If you’re not letting yourself get relaxed, you’re hurting yourself and those around you.
  6. Be good to others. Because gosh darn it, you’re a good person and there are few ways better to make sure you’re not getting selfish with your time and money than to habitually give it away. Pick a cause and get involved, or heck just help that guy who looks like he’s struggling at the moment.




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