Closing the loop- you see a lot of stuff when you work in an ambulance.

As soon as they know you’re a paramedic, people always ask for stories. It’s almost as if part of the uni degree should be story telling (Actually there’s lots of stuff that should be part of the uni degree but that’s for a different post). Whether it’s a strange car accident, drug induced behaviour, or people being just plain stupid, cast among our mostly routine work, there is indeed a never ending supply of amusing anecdotes.

We were called to an assault, police on scene, around 10pm at night. It was in a crappy part of town, and the house was a mess. People were drunk and going nuts. In the middle of room, sitting on the floor amongst shattered class was a statue the size of a basketball. Turns out a neighbour had thrown the statue through the window as part of an ongoing feud. It had barely missed some kids playing card games on the floor, so understandably, the residents had run outside more than a smidge angry……. and promptly been punched in the face.

Our female pt was fine, and asides from the home owner nearly being arrested it had made for a mildly interesting display.

Until we were called out again at 3am. A 30ish year old male was having pain and tingling in his left arm, in addition to being generally unwell. Some persistant questioning from my partner revealed that the patient was under a lot of stress and quite possibly having an anxiety attack.

You see, he had thrown a statue through his neighbour’s window earlier that night to mess with them, as part of an ongoing argument.


Word had got back that he now had a warrant for his arrest with multiple charges including assault and reckless endangerment…. as well as more than few unsavoury characters looking to ‘bash’ him. So he was now more than a little stressed.

Funny what you find when you ask the right questions.

Another one we were called to (funnily enough again involving the police) was a man with a dislocated knee.

Story goes, that our patient had that day been issued with a restraining order from his ex-partner. So as any normal person does, the same very night he heads over there, and quite promptly has the police turn up, who subsequently arrest him.

Ordinarily enough we wouldn’t even be aware that this had happened….. except that the soon to be patient decided he’d try his luck at escaping. Making a dash for it he managed to make it several hundred meters before tripping on the gutter and dislocating his knee. We find him in pain, lying on the ground, with two unimpressed police officers standing over him. What was his escape plan? None. He just figured he’d start running down the road and stop when they either caught him… or he got away.

There are some smart people in the world.


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