The cost of hypocrisy

To say I had lost all respect for the man would be unfair.

But I had lost a lot.

Our interactions for the last few days had been tedious and frustrating for me.


The final straw was reached when  after grilling me for turning the communications radio up when I was stopped at a red light…….. he actually ate his lunch whilst driving… on an emergency drive….. in the rain.

The man was a hypocrite.

As an intern you will endure many lectures on the ‘best’ way to do things, hearing a story for the third time over, listening to an explanation of something already explained again and again. This is tolerable most of the time.

But how do you manage a hypocrite? Especially when they’re in a position of power over you?

You rely on their own reputation.

If this person really is a hypocrite, then others will know. Others will sympathise with you and be able to give you advice on how to work with that person, and the hypocrite will have already dug their own grave; as popular as they may seem, everyone else will also know what a pain they are to work with.

So don’t sit in self pity! Be the bigger person, push the criticisms to the side, take advantage of the fact that you have someone who isn’t afraid to point out where you are falling short and use this opportunity to grow as a practitioner.

As tempting as it may be to try one up them or point out their failings…. odds are you’re really only making life harder for yourself.



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